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Our mission is to enrich the lives of people of all abilities through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT), improving their physical, cognitive, social and/or emotional well-being.


Healing Horses, Kauai believes anything is possible in our positive, supportive, equestrian environment. We transform "I cannot" to "I Can" and "I Will" with purposeful collaboration with our students goals, PATH, Intl. Certified Instructors, trained volunteers and incredible horses!


The HHK Community is built on a foundation of respect, empathy, trust, love, cooperation and empowerment for all. 

Karin Stoll started Equine Therapy, Inc. (aka Healing Horses Kauai) in 2001 as an extension of her private practice (social work). She began taking kids to meet the horse she shared as part of therapy sessions and soon realized that her clients had more focused sessions, started to talk more and get better. In the early years, Karin and her volunteers trailered the horses to AhiAhi Pasture (Kapa’a), Three Corner Ranch (Kahili Mtn. Park) and the Kaua’i Humane Society to meet with clients. Karin (and several volunteers) became Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International registered riding instructors. In 2008, Equine Therapy, Inc. received non-profit status and the horses were trailered outside her Lihue Akahi St. office. In 2012, after making contact with Bette Midler, HHK received their current long term lease. HHK moved to its Kapa’a Bypass Rd. location with the goal to develop a new ADA accessible community riding facility on 15 acres of land. With its Handi-Van accessible parking lot, ADA toilet and wheelchair accessible mounting ramps this location opened the door to even more riders, and eliminated trailering stresses.  On this raw land we built an arena, a round pen, 8 stalls, multiple sheds for tack and feed, fencing and gates, and reception area, etc. Over the years there have been many additional improvements: slowly expanding the land available for the horses to graze, renovating the arena, relocating the the horse stalls and round pen away from the highway, shoring up failing fence lines, etc. The biggest changes occurred in 2017. A medicine wheel was created by several of our volunteers and Kauai Master Gardeners (utilizing our own horse manure compost, tree chippings, pond water, and a donated tiller). This medicine wheel is centered with a shaded area from which parents/caregivers can observe the lessons. Also in 2017, with the help of a $5000 WORK day grant we were able to finish the classroom trailer, put up areas of much-needed shade over the horse stalls and hitching posts (to improve the lives of the horses and comfort of the participants). Other projects included burying the water line; installing a water pump in the pond; running a water line to the medicine wheel; and replacing the old horse trailer with a proper feed room. In 2018, utilizing the connections of some of our volunteers and riders, we secured sand and were able to spread it to improve the footing in our arena, round pen, and area in front of the horse stalls. In 2019 sees our volunteers began the clearance of the front acreage in the hopes of creating more riding trails and pasture area.  In 2020, with the acquisition of a tractor, work has begun to reseed the pastures so we can begin rotational grazing.

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