HHK Online Volunteer Training Program

The HHK Online Training Program is currently under construction.


​Please view our upcoming list of courses below. In the mean time if you are interested in being a volunteer for Healing Horses, Kauai please study our volunteer manual here and download our volunteer application here. Please email your completed application to hhkwebsite@gmail.com.

  • Haltering at HHK

  • Leading Method at HHK 

  • Tying a Horse

  • Grooming at HHK- identify and explain each of the tools

  • Grooming at HHK- how to bath a horse

  • Grooming at HHK- how to cool down a horse following work

  • Grooming – advance grooming skills – body/mane clip, mane and tail pulling

  • Tacking (English/Western) – the parts and how to

  • Safety Procedures at HHK: helmets, footwear, tack: stirrups, saddle position, girth, 

  • Tacking: cleaning, care and maintenance

  • Tacking: Advanced – Identify and know the purpose, use and function of bits (snaffle and curb), adaptive equipment, bitless bridles, breast plates and collars, bridles, safety stirrups, saddles (english and western), safety helmets, saddle pads, surcingles, bareback pad

  • Tacking: Advanced – selecting and evaluating equipment needs for riders and horses including: types of saddles and bridles, how saddle affects rider position, how bridle and saddle affects the horse, and adaptive equipment

  • Tacking: Advanced – how to fit tack to horses and rider

  • Mounting: Croup Mount (height of block/ramp, foot in stirrup or not, how to instruct volunteers, how to instruct riders), Alternative Mounting Techniques (Crest Mount, Hoist, Ramp, etc.)

  • Sidewalking

  • Dismounts

  • The Gaits – identifying foot falls and beats of the walk, trot/jog, canter/lope – gallop

  • Feeding at HHK

  • Horsemanship:  The Horse – Breeds

  • Horsemanship: The Horse – Colors

  • Horsemanship:  The Horse – Markings

  • Horsemanship:  The Horse – Parts of the Horse

  • Horsemanship: Sense & Behavior – Senses of the Hors

  • Horsemanship: Sense & Behavior – Characteristics of Horse Behavior

  • Horsemanship:  Sense & Behavior -Horse senses & behavior as they affect riding safety

  • Horsemanship:  Sense & Behavior – Identifying stable vices and how to mitigate them

  • Horsemanship: Feeding & Watering – General Feed Requirements & Recognizing Poor Quality Feed

  • Horsemanship: Stable Management – Stall bedding material, cleaning, and hazards

  • Horsemanship: Stable Management – Manure handling for sanitary conditions

  • Horsemanship: Stable Management – horse protections : fly masks/bonnets, shelters, fly repellents

  • Horsemanship: Health and Sickness – Vital Signs 

  • Horsemanship: Health and Sickness – Recognizing signs of good health, illness, and behavior change

  • Horsemanship: Health and Sickness – Recognizing when a Horse is Unsound vs Blemished

  • Horsemanship: Health and Sickness – Conformation (Form & Function)

  • Horsemanship: Health and Sickness – Maintenance medications (deworming, vaccinations, hoof and teeth care programs)

  • Horsemanship: Health and Sickness – First Aid 

  • Selection and Training: explaining the characteristics of a therapy horse

  • Selection and Training: know how to train a horse to accept – leaders and sidewalkers, ambulation aids, mounting ramps and blocks, game equipment, mounting procedures

  • Selection and Training: conditioning and maintenance program for therapeutic riding horses including – lunging, schooling, and record keeping

  • Human First Aid Basics

  • Human CPR Refresher

  • Why The Program Is Therapeutic


Healing Horses, Kauai is located on the Kapaa Bypass at Kuhio Highway, Kapaa, HI 96746




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