HHK Online Volunteer Training Program

The HHK Online Training Program is currently under construction.


​Please view our upcoming list of courses below. In the mean time if you are interested in being a volunteer for Healing Horses, Kauai please study our volunteer manual here and download our volunteer application here. Please email your completed application to hhkwebsite@gmail.com.

Books to refer to include: Pony Club Manuals: D, C, HB/A; and Certified Horsemanship Horsemanship Manuals Level 1-4

  • Tacking: Advanced – selecting and evaluating equipment needs for riders and horses including: types of saddles and bridles, how saddle affects rider position, how bridle and saddle affects the horse, and adaptive equipment

  • Tacking: Advanced – how to fit tack to horses and rider

  • The Gaits – identifying foot falls and beats of the walk, trot/jog, canter/lope – gallop

  • Feeding at HHK

  • Horsemanship:  Sense & Behavior -Horse senses & behavior as they affect riding safety

  • Horsemanship: Feeding & Watering – General Feed Requirements & Recognizing Poor Quality Feed

  • Horsemanship: Stable Management – horse protections : fly masks/bonnets, shelters, fly repellents

  • Horsemanship: Health and Sickness – Conformation (Form & Function)

  • Horsemanship: Health and Sickness – Maintenance medications (deworming, vaccinations, hoof and teeth care programs)

  • Horsemanship: Health and Sickness – First Aid 

  • Selection and Training: know how to train a horse to accept – leaders and sidewalkers, ambulation aids, mounting ramps and blocks, game equipment, mounting procedures

  • Selection and Training: conditioning and maintenance program for therapeutic riding horses including – lunging, schooling, and record keeping