Before you register for camp, you must read and understand the following information:


All campers must be registered in advance.  No walk-ins or late night registrations. Campers must be registered by 4 pm the day prior to attending in order to be included on the print outs.

Therefore Healing Horses Fall Camp will be run as follows:

  • 6 feet of social distancing at all times.  Please advise your participant that hugging and other close contact activities are to be avoided.

  • All volunteers and participants are REQUIRED to wear CDC compliant face masks with tightly woven fabric (without holes, vents, or valves) covering both their mouth and nose when within 6 feet of another person.  As per rule #6 masks can only be removed when engaging in a permissible outside exercise while practicing social distancing of at least 6 feet; for eating and drinking; or  when a medical condition prohibits the use or causes a greater health or safety risk (verified licensed medical practitioner note required). That means students must all have a mask on their person and know how to apply it.   Masks must be worn during mounting and unmounting, and when sidewalker/horse leader (from different households) are in use.  Only when riding independently may riders remove their mask after mounting.  Students who are non-compliant to social distancing OR masking will be asked to leave.  

  • Please be punctual and arrange for expedient drop off and pick up at the designated time.  

  • To facilitate speedy registration please print and complete liability release and photographic liability prior to arrival.  Bring your own pen to sign your child in and out. Forms are available HERE.

  • There will be no intermingling of groups.

  • Students from the same family unit will be in the same group regardless of age.  Your child’s Group Color will be sent in a confirmation email.  See table below for drop off and pick up times.

In order to arrange staffing and camper groupings it is highly recommended that EARLY ONLINE REGISTRATION occur by 5 PM, one week prior to the first day of camp (Dec 13).  After early registration, please sign up by 4 pm the day prior to attending (Dec. 19) to ensure your camper appears on the sign in sheet.  Due to COVID regulations there will be no walk-ins!   All campers must be registered online.  Each group will be limited to 15 campers.  A wait list will be created. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: CANCELLATIONS FOR THE ENTIRE CAMP NEED TO BE MADE BY EMAILING HHKWEBSITE@GMAIL.COM BY 3 PM ON DEC 18th so waitlisted campers can be notified and have the opportunity to attend. There is a $5 non-refundable transaction fee. CANCELLATIONS MADE AFTER 3PM ON DEC 18th WILL BE CHARGED AT FULL PRICE- NO REFUNDS. VERBAL OR TEXTED CANCELLATIONS WILL NOT BE HONORED. *If there is a cancellation of the complete camp/partial camp by HHK (e.g. natural disaster or government mandate) refunds will be awarded for all unused days at a rate of $50/day.

TARDY POLICY:  Late campers will have to join their assigned group...there will be no make up rides.


*If all the tickets of the color you prefer are sold out you may move up/down a color.  Campers must remain in the same color all week.

*Note: Please check the website the day prior to your camper's attendance should the COVID-19 regulations change availability. 

Drop off: 8:30 - 9:00


Pick up: 1:55 - 2:15

Red tickets: available to all ages but recommended to students 4-6 years of age of age or for families with mixed age children. 

Green tickets: available to all ages but recommended to students 7-9 years of age of age or for families with mixed age children.  

Blue tickets: available to all ages but recommended to students  10+ years of age of age or for families with mixed age children. 

2021 Winter Camp Schedule.jpg

By proceeding to the registration page, you agree to all of the terms listed above.

Red Group Ticketing & Registration

Green Group Ticketing & Registration

Blue Group Ticketing & Registration