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Karin Stoll, MSW, DCSW – HHK Founder



Interim-Executive Director - Position Open


Program Director/Barn Manager - Ginger Chapin

Born and raised on Kauai, Ginger has been riding horses since she could walk.  She's worked at Silver Falls Ranch; co-owned 13 horses (cobbs and ponies) in Haena; and dreamed of starting an after school program for kids - to keep them on ponies and off drugs.  Ms. Chapin has been with Healing Horses Kauai since July 2019. 

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*If you are interested in joining our board or volunteering in any capacity don't be shy - let us know. (*We are especially seeking individuals with experience in realty, grant writing, facility maintenance, banking, special education and horse training). 


President - Karin Stoll


Karin Stoll was born and raised in New York.  She was educated in Boston, MA., receiving her Bachelor of Science degree from Lesley College and her Masters in Social Work from the Boston University School of Social Work.  Ms. Stoll is a licensed clinical social worker in New York, Massachusetts and Hawaii and has a Diplomate Board Certification from the National Association of Social Workers. She is an avid horsewoman.  Riding since age fourteen,  instructing since seventeen.  Ms. Stoll has become a strong voice in the Pet Therapy movement, having incorporated her own pets into her therapeutic practice since 1992.  

Vice President - position open

Treasurer - Sandra Nichols

Sandra Nichols is a self employed strategy and marketing consultant.  She is a life sciences consultant with deep strategic and tactical experience in enacting innovations that lead to transformative change. She has led the design and implementation of inbound and outbound contact centers, digital health coaching and education services, as well as HCP and consumer marketing strategies. Immediately prior to her independent consulting work, Sandra spent over a decade at AstraZeneca in various leadership roles, including Senior Director, Digital Marketing Solutions and Senior Director, Call Center Channel.  

Secretary - Zoe Babbits

Zoe Babbits is a professional artist from Encinitas, California.  She grew up with horses and became a groom and assistant trainer to American Saddlebred Show Horses.  She traveled and worked the horse show circuit for over 10 years.  Zoe has been living in Hawaii now for over 20 years.  She is a painter on canvas and surfboards and enjoys volunteering with Healing Horses Kauai.

Member-at-Large - Sue Long

Susanne grew up in Germany and rode English dressages, participated in foxhunts, and trail courses. She has a passion for natural/at liberty dressage.  Mrs. Long also has a passion for dance (ballet and contemporary) and art. She studied Fine Arts at Duesseldorf National Acadamy for Fine Arts in Germany; and had a career as a graphic designer and post-producer of high-end photography for 25 years in Germany and Kaua`i.  She has been a Board member of the Kaua`i Society of Artists for several years. 

Susanne has combined her knowledge of dance and riding to become aware of fine tuning that has to occur within the rider’s body center of balance and use of aides; while also sensing the horse’s center of mass to synchronize rider and horse dynamics.

Interested in joining the board? 

  • 1 year terms

  • Must attend monthly meetings, and

  • Contribute to the financial gain of HHK (fundraising, cash donations, or in-kind).

Email for details!

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