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  • FACILITY MAINTENANCE individual(s) - to maintain pesticide free fence-lines (as we have endangered birds that nest in and around our pond, canal, and ditches). 

  • OPERATIONAL FUNDING for : mini program, and horse care & maintenance, etc

  • WASTE HAULING to haul the metal and concrete trash (and other rubbish) we have gathered up during the clearing

  • TRACTOR repair/replacement, with bucket, mower/rotary cutter, backhoe, drag/scraper

  • WOOD CHIPPER / STUMP GRINDER to keep our Riding Trails and Pasture Areas Clean and Maintain our Compost

  • $$ to repair our water line at the main/replace the meter & to bring WATER to the new front pasture - Water Line Sub-Meter/Move Shut off to our side of Bypass

  • A WELDER to mend our stall panels and shipping container roofs

  • (OR roof over the containers)

  • MACHINE SHOP to build a team cart for the miniature horses to pull


  • BIG DONORS so we can acquire:

    • 3- Clivus Multrum M54 trailhead COMPOSTING TOILETS

    • Off-grid SOLAR (enough to power a small fridge, computer, printer, internet, & lights)


    • HOUSING for instructors 

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